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History Behind the Name

    Surcee is a word, used in the South, that is believed to have its origins in the Scotch and Irish who settled in the region.  The Scottish word for "surprise" is pronounced much like "surcee" and could be a phonetic form passed down from generation to generation.  Another possible origin for the word is from the Irish term "sussie" which means to care.

    Whatever the origin, surcee is now commonly used to describe a sudden, unexpected gift.  In the Old South, a surcee was a gift given 'just because.'  Surcee is a word not often written down, so the spelling may vary from area to area.  Whatever the spelling, the intent is a special gift, thoughtfully and carefully selected.

    Receiving a surcee is a special treat.  In an age when selfishness is common and time is precious, the surcee can have extra meaning and can impact the lives of others.  A surcee means that the giver has spent time and energy thinking about the recipient and made the extra effort to do something for another person.

    At Surcees, we hope that your life will be filled with special and unexpected gifts.  We strive to help provide those special treats for you and for the ones you love.
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